crm-360OnContact CRM 7 – A 360 Degree CRM View

A complete 360 degree CRM customer view at the click of a mouse is the core of any good CRM software implementation. CRM 7 provides detailed history of marketing, sales, and service efforts, in addition to customer characteristics and preferences, allowing you to make the most of each customer interaction.


  • CRM 7 tracks calls, e-mails, meetings and other customer contact as activities, creating a complete communication history
  • A flexible structure relates primary CRM entities, such as Contacts and Companies, to activities making it easy to view activity history related to any particular item
  • Activities may contain document attachments and notes to precisely define each customer interaction
CRM ActivitiesCRM Activities


  • View all company related information from one page, including opportunity and order history, customer profile, service requests, and activities
  • Access all addresses, phone numbers, and other secondary data when the mouse pointer is held over a detail field
  • View the corporate hierarchy or relationships with other companies
  • Navigate to any entity item, such as a contact or opportunity, by clicking on hyperlinks displayed throughout the application.
CRM Company PhoneCRM Company Details


  • Comprehensive contact information keeps everyone in your organization informed
  • Track contact relationships and interests
  • Productivity tools are at your fingertips to create merge documents, send e-mails, export contacts to Microsoft Outlook, and more
CRM Contact DetailsCRM Contact Tools Menu


  • Record details about every customer service request as CRM incidents
  • Dashboards, reports, and search features keep Help Desk personnel well informed
  • Monitor service contracts and time usage
  • Log email correspondence and documents related to incidents
  • Organize and publish solutions in the CRM 7 Knowledge Base to provide quick and accurate responses to customer requests
  • Track product defects and resolutions
CRM Incidents for Customer ServiceCRM Customer Service Dashboard


  • Track prospective sales with CRM opportunities
  • Implement sales methodologies and guide your representatives through predefined steps for a consistent approach
  • Review forecast data in real time with reports, dashboards, and lists
  • Generate quotes and maintain a quote history for each opportunity
CRM Opportunities for SalesCRM Sales Dashboard
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