Inspiring Companies to Grow Through Information

The “Customer Inspired” Company

OnContact CRM software is developed by WorkWise, a leading provider of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solutions along with comprehensive implementation and support services.

OnContact  is designed for users, by users, and we call our philosophy “customer inspired” because we always put our customers first, listen to their unique requirements, and then use that feedback to deliver innovative business solutions.

Every day, we strive to be the innovation leader of CRM software. We recognize that a group of creative minds working together is far superior to an individual working alone. So we ask what if rather than why? and step up to the challenge of being an innovation leader. After all, compared to many of our larger, formidable competitors, we may not be able to outspend them or come up with as many resources, but every day we can out-think and out-innovate them.

At WorkWise, we do not merely sell software solutions; we embrace your vision and provide you with the right solution to take your business to the next level.

Not All CRM Software is Created Equal

By now you’re probably wondering what makes OnContact CRM an innovation leader. Here are some of the reasons OnContact CRM is unique.

  • CRM Software + Marketing Automation + Contact Center. Our groundbreaking solution now includes complete Marketing Automation and Contact Center functionality at no extra cost.
  • One Price for Everything – Even Mobile. No à la carte pricing here. OnContact comes out of the box with our mobile app and comprehensive sales, marketing management, marketing automation, customer service and contact center functionality. No hidden fees. No extra charges.
  • Cloud or On-Premise. Choose between Cloud or On-Premise solutions, and have the freedom to switch if your business requirements or preferences change.
  • Unlimited Support & Training. We include unlimited phone, email and chat support in our on-premise and hosted software plans. Plus you’ll get access to free online training.
  • Easy to Use & Customize. OnContact  is easy to use and adapts to you with incredible flexibility.

Our Achievements


OnContact has been honored with a number of industry awards.

Message From Our President

    WAYNE T. WEDELL CEO & President

    Welcome to a brand new CRM experience. OnContact is unlike any other CRM product on the market today, delivering a robust CRM solution with built-in Marketing Automation, Contact Center and Mobile functionality. We’ve simplified your purchasing decision by having an all-inclusive single price for OnContact that includes U.S. based customer support. OnContact stands alone in the industry as the best value in a CRM System.

    OnContact CRM Software has been advancing companies to new levels of success for over 15 years. We are committed to inspiring our customers to grow and continuously improving their customer experience.

    At OnContact, we give you a better way to automate your business so you have the freedom to focus on what’s really important – enhancing relationships, growing your business and improving profits. Connect with us and experience the benefits of transforming information into real business results.