Partner with OnContact CRM Software

WorkWise has a variety of CRM software partner programs to meet your goals in the marketplace. Whether you are looking to resell our award-winning OnContact product, or are a technology supplier interested in integrating your product offering into OnContact, we have a partner program that fits your needs.

Become an OnContact CRM Partner or Reseller


Our OnContact Partner Program can deliver superior benefits to both our partners and their customers. Customers will enjoy a seamless integration between the partner technology and OnContact’s world-class CRM software, while partners can expand the functionality and reach of their product offerings.

Some of the benefits you’ll receive as a partner include:

  • Access to OnContact Product Development staff to define and execute a product integration strategy.
  • Your logo and company description posted on the OnContact corporate website.
  • Joint news release to announce the partnership.
  • Joint advertising efforts to market your product integration.
  • Promotion of product integration through joint seminars.
  • Access to our global network of business partners.

WorkWise is growing and actively recruiting value-added Resellers to expand its global network. Our OnContact Reseller Program is a channel of top-notch organizations who market, resell and implement our award-winning CRM software system worldwide.

Some of the benefits you’ll receive as a partner include:

  • The highest margins & lowest start-up costs in the industry!
  • Top-notch technical support.
  • Complete access to our Business Development staff in product demonstrations, site visits & comprehensive sales assistance.
  • Protected territories – we limit our number of partnerships so you won’t be competing against another partner.
  • Lead generation and co-marketing efforts.
  • Affordable mid-market pricing with a simple pricing model.

OnContact CRM Software Partners

OnContact CRM software partner, Microsoft

Microsoft and OnContact have formed a technology and marketing partnership to promote the advanced integration of our software with Microsoft technologies. Our solution is specifically designed for the Microsoft BackOffice environment and is a BackOffice tested and certified application suite.

OnContact CRM Software Partner, VisiFire

Visifire is a set of data visualization controls powered by Microsoft Silverlight & WPF. Use the same API to create charts and gauges in mobile, web and desktop environments. Visifire controls can also be embedded in any webpage as a standalone app.

OnContact CRM Software Partner, Add-in Express

Add-in Express for .NET is the largest and most complete toolset for developing Microsoft Office extensibility projects (also known as application-level extensions, or Office customizations) in the .NET platform. Add-in Express is completely based on the Rapid Application Development paradigm which allows creating custom-tailored Microsoft Office extensions without coding their GUI.

OnContact CRM Software Partner, Mellissa Data

Melissa Data is a leading provider of data quality and address management solutions. Melissa Data’s quality software, cloud services and data integration components verify, standardize, consolidate, enhance and update U.S., Canadian, and global contact data, including addresses, phone numbers and email addresses for improved communications and ROI.

OnContact CRM Software Partner, ComponentOne

ComponentOne is a leader in the Microsoft Visual Studio component industry and is a premiere partner of Microsoft. ComponentOne believes the key to successful implementation of business solutions is providing customers with a premier studio of innovative components, controls, tools, and solutions.

OnContact CRM Software Partner, Mondago

Mondago provides Computer Telephony software for licensing and distribution to other development partners. By using the standards-based components, companies can dramatically reduce time to market and support costs, while at the same time offering compatibility for a wide range of telephone systems.

OnContact CRM Software Partner, jQuery

jQuery is a fast and concise JavaScript Library that simplifies HTML document traversing, event handling, animating, and Ajax interactions for rapid web development.

OnContact CRM software partner, NHibernate

NHibernate is a mature, open source object-relational mapper for the .NET framework. It’s actively developed, fully featured and used in thousands of successful projects.

OnContact CRM Software Partner, PhoneGap

OnContact CRM software and PhoneGap have partnered to deliver advanced mobile technologies. PhoneGap is an HTML5 app platform that allows companies to author native applications with web technologies and get access to APIs and app stores.

OnContact CRM Software Resellers

CRM Software Partners
OnContact CRM Software Reseller, ImperativeSolves
CRM Software Partners
OnContact CRM Software Reseller, Dolphin Technologies
CRM Software Partners
OnContact CRM Software Reseller, T3
CRM Software Partners