CRM and Brand Loyalty

When running a business, there are many different factors that help keep the business afloat. Obviously finances, growing a customer base and marketing all play a role. Speaking of marketing, brand loyalty falls under that category too. With platforms such as social media becoming another important factor in the overall success of a business, it is crucial to be up on any trend that can help promote the overall message and a business.

What is Brand Loyalty?

Often times when we purchase an item and it happens to be satisfactory, we will continue to come back to it time and time again whenever we are in need of the product or service. Instead of purchasing from a competitor, we go with what we know and what we like, which is brand loyalty.

However, being loyal to a brand shouldn’t mean that a product or service was just good enough, there tends to be specific reasons why consumers stick with one brand only. Those reasons could be:

  • Brand values – Many customers remain loyal to a brand based on whether the brands values align with their own. Some brands are outspoken about world issues or others may sponsor certain causes or groups that are intriguing. What you believe in sends a message to your main consumer base.
  • Customer service – Quality and consistent customer service is sure to bring a customer back whenever they are in need of your services.
  • Social proof – Online customer reviews and even endorsements play a role in the way people view brands. If reviews and recommendations are stellar, people are more likely to give a brand a chance, opening the door for future loyalty.
  • Reliability – Being able to deliver on your promises is another way to get customers on your side for the long haul. Reliability goes hand in hand with customer service, knowing that a customer can count on a brand to keep their word and provide top notch service is sometimes all it takes to gain customer loyalty.

Using CRM to Build and Maintain a Brand

After reviewing just some of the ways a company can gain the loyalty of its followers and consumers, you may be wondering where something like CRM software comes into play. Customer relationship management software gives insight into customer and business relations, tracking all communications made between a company and its clientele, from purchase history to contact information and even customer/business communication. Knowing that type of information allows a business to find exact ways to help a customer and how to market toward them, which assists with social proof and increasing a stronger brand that customers want to continue supporting.

Most CRM software’s allow you to do targeted marketing campaigns, including sending emails and newsletters to specific customers informing them on items that align with their purchase history and interests. Creating a relationship with customers based on their specific wants, needs and interests makes a customer feel appreciated, helping to build brand loyalty. Through customer relationship management software, you can also target opportunities for business growth with potential and future prospects too.

When thinking of customers, it is no longer something to put off or not care little about. At times, those who are interested in your services, can make or break the brand of your business. Customer relationship management software helps with that, focusing in on exactly who your customers are and what you as a business can do to best serve them

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