Using Social Media and CRM to Your Advantage

If you are familiar with software, it is common knowledge that customer relationship management is a designed to use information known about customers to help businesses build and maintain a relationship with their customer base. However, it does more than keep track of information designed to get to know your customer, it can help with efforts outside of the “getting to know you” stage. Using the data placed into your system can help you with things such as customer service and improving sales and building social media campaigns. In today’s blog, we will list three different ways that CRM software can actively help your social media advertising campaigns.

Capture New Leads

Using social media to share company content and present offers does a number of things.

  1. When a customer goes to a business social media page, clicking the link to gain access to their website a company has gained user click through. User click through is when a link that leads you to a company site, typically placed on another site, is clicked on taking them back to the company site. These numbers are important and can help generate leads and potential sales.
  2. By creating leads on social media there is the potential for customers to give their information, such as a name, email and phone number. This information gives a company data to place into their CRM system. Depending on what made the customer sign up, a company now knows just some of what their potential customer are interested in as to better market to them in the future.
  3. Using social media to capture leads and connect with potential customers shows that a company is social media savvy. Being able to meet a customer where they are, by a popular medium (social media) shows that you are up on trends and are willing to meet them halfway. Customers like feeling special, as if the business sought them out over everyone else.

Using Facebook Messenger to Market

When trying to reach out to clients and potential clients alike, it’s important to meet them where they are and contact them in a way they appreciate. Since cold calls are becoming less popular these days, it’s become a unique challenge to directly speak to customers without making them feel hassled. So in comes Facebook messenger.

The instant messaging tool, which can be used both within Facebook and as a standalone app, was developed in 2011. Using this tool allows companies to find direct ways of communicating without calling prospects. With a social customer relationship management software in place, you are able to keep contact of all communication that take place through messenger.


Using social media as a form of promotion can potentially help you gain customer interests and sales. As mentioned earlier in this post, social media is a place to find, build and establish your customer base and brand. Social media as a promotional tool allows for you to post updates on sales, newsletters and events to name a few. Customer relationship management comes into play in two different ways. First, if you know your customers and what they’re interested in, it allows you to market toward them on social media with your promotional efforts. Secondly, gaining initial contact with customers through social channels gives you the opportunity to add their information and social media communication to your software.

As you can see, CRM does so much more than store information about your customers. With social media along for the ride, you are able to use both to your advantage helping your company grow, establish itself and build its customer base.

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