3 Major CRM Trends

Here are some of the current CRM trends and why they are rising in popularity.

  1. Cloud-Based Services. With companies of all sizes looking for CRM solutions, cloud-based CRM software has become much more prominent. No longer are corporations with call centers or large sales/marketing/customer service departments the only ones looking for a better way to manage consumer/customer relationships. In fact, many CRM providers will sell licenses to just one user. For these smaller companies, a cloud-based CRM system is the perfect solution because they can effectively use it without needing specialized IT staff or sophisticated hardware, and it is less expensive.
  2. Mobile CRM. Companies are constantly looking for ways to give employees easier, more convenient ways to access information and speed up processes. One of these ways is by utilizing a Mobile CRM application. Primarily, this gives employees the flexibility to access and use their CRM software from mobile devices likes cell phones and tablets. This is significant, for example, for a salesperson working with clients on the road. Going from place to place, time to sit at a computer might be limited. Using the CRM mobile app, it can be as easy as sending a text to update a client’s information in the CRM. Also, the entered information will be live and seen in real time by other CRM users.
  3. Integration with Email, other Software, and Social Media. Although largely independent for most of its past, in recent years being able to integrate a CRM with other applications such as email, and ERP and accounting software has become more important to users. This is due to the massive influx of data and tracking capabilities now available. The desire to have all the data more centralized for efficiency has also played a role. The social media integration is increasingly prevalent as well since companies are always looking to spread their name, increase contacts, and develop relationships through social media.
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