Cloud CRM or On-Premise CRM. Your Choice.

Cloud CRM vs On-Premise CRM
Cloud CRM vs On-Premise CRM

OnContact lets you select the CRM software option that’s right for you. Choose between Cloud CRM or On-Premise solutions, and have the freedom to switch if your business requirements or preferences change.

Both Cloud and On-Premise CRM Software Solutions:

  • Provide comprehensive sales, marketing, marketing automation, customer service and contact center functionality for one price
  • Integrate with common office applications such as Microsoft Outlook and Office
  • Can be accessed through the web or the CRM mobile app
  • Flexible licensing options

Cloud vs. On-Premise CRM? Explore the Differences:

OnContact CRM in the Cloud
OnContact CRM in the Cloud
  • Data is stored in your own private & secure database
  • Subscription fees provide lower start-up costs
  • Get up and running quickly
  • Fast, reliable, scalable environment hosted by Amazon Cloud Service
  • No hardware or IT infrastructure required
  • No CRM system maintenance or backup costs
  • No CRM software installation or maintenance
  • Switch to On-Premise & apply partial credit toward licenses

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OnContact CRM On-Premise
OnContact CRM On-Premise
  • CRM Database is stored locally
  • CRM software runs on your own hardware and is managed internally
  • No database size limitations
  • Expanded options for integration with other applications
  • Flexibility to determine when you want to upgrade
  • Move to cloud/hosted CRM solution anytime