A Consistent Customer Experience

It all Starts with an Interaction

Getting the most out of each customer interaction is the foundation of OnContact CRM software’s Contact Center software. Our Contact Center solution delivers the tools your company needs to ensure all of your customer and prospect engagements are handled properly and productively.

OnContact CRM Software with Contact Center Software

360° View of Each Contact

easily access a caller’s complete history.

Exceptional service means responding to customers and prospects quickly and efficiently. With OnContact, your call center agents have a complete view of a caller’s history, from support cases to purchase information and more. This customizable view ensures your agents are prepared for customer interactions and gives them the tools they need to resolve issues rapidly.

crm call center
crm contact center

Your View, Your Data

contact center workspace.

OnContact’s unique Contact Center Workspace is focused on both productivity and flexibility, giving you the tools to customize your Call Center Workspace to match your unique requirements. This design provides call center agents with the features they need to perform daily tasks while removing more advanced CRM features.

CRM & Contact Center Software for One Price

We are not priced à la carte. Our CRM solution comes complete with comprehensive sales, marketing automation, contact center, and customer service functionality. No hidden fees. No extra charges. 

crm contact center

Call Scripting

keep the conversation flowing.

Looking to guide your agents through a conversation? Or provide helpful tips your agents can use when they need them? Our Scripting functionality equips your contact center agents with scripts that not only help a conversation flow, but also capture required data.

OnContact CRM Contact Center software
OnContact CRM Contact Center software calling queue

Calling Queue

for ultimate productivity.

Use OnContact to create a queue of telephone calls that need to be made and then distribute those calls one at a time to the next available agent. Minimizing down time and duplicate calling, calling queues takes contact center productivity to a whole new level.

CTI Integration

we’ve got you covered.

OnContact’s Contact Center module is integrated with our 30 CTI switches. This integration gives your agents the ability to auto dial, hang up calls from their desktop and screen pops for inbound calls. If you are working in a calling queue or just want your agents to be ready with an inbound caller’s contact information, our CTI integration has you covered.

crm content management

Content Management

big changes, little effort.

Working with long scripts and losing data? If this sound like you, our Content Management functionality is exactly what you’ve been looking for. OnContact Content Management allows you to quickly change a script and then rapidly deploy that change everywhere it is used.

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