Resolve Issues Faster

And Deliver Outstanding Customer Service

OnContact CRM software lets you resolve customer issues quickly and effectively, and record the outcome to build a solution knowledge base. Your customer service or help desk department can easily track incidents, reference knowledge base articles and assign and escalate cases. Customer service based searches streamline the process of getting information to appropriate team members, leading to faster response times and happier customers.

customer service software
OnContact CRM customer service software

Intelligent Customer Service Solutions

a smarter way to work.

Track incidents and resolutions to gain a better understanding of your product. Reference defects to quickly find solutions to common issues. OnContact gives your customer service or help desk representatives the tools and information they need to deliver solutions fast and accurately.


No “low-ball bait and up-sell strategy” here – you’re too smart for that. Our CRM software solution comes complete with our mobile CRM app and comprehensive sales, marketing automation, customer service and contact center software. No hidden fees. No extra charges.  

Knowledge is Power

share, organize and access data.

Share product expertise with the OnContact Knowledge Base. Store and categorize product information like FAQ’s, Data Sheets, and Instructions. You can even include unlimited notes and attachments for a completely comprehensive database. Make it easy for your service team and your customers to find the answers they need.

crm customer service
oncontact CRM customer service software

Measure and Optimize

create more meaningful data.

Measure performance and monitor product trends with customer support dashboards and reports. Dashboard graphs let you drill into the details of your data. OnContact CRM software lets you customize and visualize your data, making it meaningful and giving you better insight into your business.

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