Together At Last

CRM Software & Marketing Automation Come Together

The days of having to choose between two different vendors for CRM software and Marketing Automation software are over. Our groundbreaking CRM solution includes complete Marketing Automation functionality at no extra cost.

With OnContact Marketing Automation Software you can easily create, automate and analyze the effectiveness of your marketing initiatives. From email marketing to processing leads and tracking your website visitors, OnContact has everything your sales and marketing professionals need to generate new opportunities to fill your sales pipeline.

OnContact CRM includes marketing automation software

Workflows Make Drip Campaigns Easy

automate everything using logic.

Our workflow engine allows you to build logic into your marketing campaigns so you can use your marketing data to provide a unique prospecting experience to your prospects and customers. And best of all, you don’t have to be a developer to use it. Designed to be used by marketing professionals, our tools are intuitive and easy to implement.

Campaign management with OnContact CRM workflows
OnContact CRM includes an easy to use email designer

Email Template Designer

design emails like a pro.

Our email designer allows your marketing department to quickly build eye catching emails without having to know HTML. Choose from one of our creative email templates and use our drag and drop editing tools to ensure your emails look like a professional designed them.

CRM & Marketing Automation Software for One Price

We are not priced à la carte. Our CRM solution comes complete with comprehensive sales, marketing automation and customer service functionality. No hidden fees. No extra charges. 

Leads, Leads, Leads

use lead nurturing to nurture your leads.

Our lead nurturing offering provides a convenient holding area for your leads to be properly qualified and nurtured before they are sent to your sales associates. This will ensure that your sales professionals are only working with active prospects and your database is clean of garbage data and duplicate records.

crm leads
Rank leads with OnContact CRM lead scoring

Lead Scoring

to prioritize your efforts.

Lead scoring is every marketing professional’s favorite feature, because it means you’ve generated more leads than your team can properly handle. This is where lead scoring comes into play. It allows you to create business logic that will determine which leads are forwarded directly to your sales team and which ones are nurtured until they are ready.

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Landing Page Integration

with our web form designer.

OnContact’s Web Form Designer allows you to collect web visitor information through a lead form on your company landing pages and seamlessly integrate that information into OnContact’s lead processing tables. No need to write extensive JavaScript, our tool brings it together and generates the code for your website.

OnContact CRM software landing page integration
Get to know your website visitors with OnContact CRM Web Visitor Tracking

Web Visitor Tracking

give your website visitors a name.

Google Analytics are great, but they fail to provide the most important piece of information – who is coming to your site.  Think of how powerful it would be to actually know which prospects and customers are coming to your website, where they are going and how long they are staying. With our Web Visitor Tracking application, your sales and marketing professionals will be able to initiate activities based upon the behavior of your website visitors.

Dashboards & Reporting

bring the data to you.

As a marketing professional, you need to know which marketing campaigns are working and which ones are not worth the investment. OnContact provides comprehensive dashboards and reports so you can get a handle on your marketing initiatives and spend money where it’s generating the best return on your investment.

OnContact CRM Marketing Automation reports and dashboards