Streamline Your Marketing Plan with CRM Software

Plan & Execute Marketing Campaigns

Without the Hassle

With OnContact CRM software, you can develop and manage integrated marketing campaigns and analyze their effectiveness. Our Campaign Management application gives you control over your campaigns with built-in features for creating tasks, budgets, lead sources and more. Get the resources and information you need to build a marketing plan that actually works.

Real-Time Data Summarization

analyze effectiveness in seconds.

OnContact automatically gathers and tracks the results of each marketing campaign, so you can see how effective your campaigns are. Monitor results in real time by viewing the built-in summary for each campaign. Use the dashboards to visualize and analyze campaign data.

OnContact CRM for marketing managers offers data summarization in real time
target customers and prospects with powerful CRM searches

Target Your Ideal Customer

with powerful searches.

Use our powerful search tools to assign prospects or customers and campaigns. Our marketing management software lets you query for any field in the database – even custom fields – so segmenting your database is always a piece of cake.

CRM & Marketing Automation for One Price

We are not priced à la carte. Our CRM solution comes complete with comprehensive sales, marketing automation and customer service functionality. No hidden fees. No extra charges. 

Your Database, Not Ours

for maximum flexibility.

OnContact’s easy-to-use development tools means you can profile your prospects and customers, easily create fields, screens and tabs, and track what’s important to your business. This flexibility makes segmenting your data easy and rewarding.

OnContact CRM software easily manages big data

Easily Work with Big Data

big changes, little effort.

Our mass assign functionality allows you to quickly change mass amounts of data in seconds. So reassigning territories or assigning tasks to cases is a cinch – no need to get IT involved.

Easy In, Easy Out

say hello to our powerful import tool.

With our import tool, you can quickly move large amounts of data into your database. Our Dedupe tool looks for duplicate records in your imported data to make sure your database stays clean. And exporting data is just as easy – all of our queries allow you to quickly export data to excel.


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