Customer Relationship Management for a Growing Enterprise

In-house Owned and Operated CRM

Rapidly-growing business? Mid-size enterprise? Right this way. OnContact’s On-Premise CRM software is the solution for you. Once the one-time perpetual license fee is covered, you’ll effectively own the customer relationship management solution. Users will have access to the same great features included in our cloud-based offering, including marketing automation, sales automation, contact center software, and more, all without the database size limitations of a hosted solution. Our solution runs on your own hardware to keep it secure and private while being managed internally.

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Benefits of On-Premise CRM


If you have the resources and IT requirements to take control of your customer relationship management solution, consider OnContact CRM on-premise. Unlike hosted CRM software, which houses your data in a private cloud, an on-premise system is housed in and owned by your business, giving you flexibility in terms of software customization and scale.


Since your CRM will be implemented and supported in-house, your IT department has control over its safety and security. You’re able to set the rules governing who has access, who doesn’t, and the security features which will be protecting your on-premise solution. This can include physical security of your server room, hacking protections, password management, and more.


In contrast to cloud-based CRM, which is more rigid in nature, on-premise customer relationship management software gives your business more flexibility in terms of when you want to upgrade to the most recent software release. If you want more control over which software version you’re using, you’ll find it in on-premise. On-premise also has expanded options for integrating with other software applications.


A major reason businesses choose on-premise CRM over a cloud solution is because it comes with peace of mind. Because the solution is stored on your own servers, your IT department is empowered to take ownership of the software. After the one-time perpetual license fee is covered, the solution is owned and operated by you. Of course, you’ll still have access to OnContact’s support team.

A Full Featured Solution

OnContact’s On-Premise CRM software isn’t just for sales teams. It comes fully-featured with marketing automation software, customer service and contact center software, and much more. All included and customizable with the purchase of your customer relationship management solution.

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Move to the Cloud if Your Needs Change

We understand business needs change and evolve. Thus, over time, you may end up deciding a hosted CRM solution is a better fit. With OnContact, you’re not stuck with what you have. Switching from on-premise CRM to cloud (or vice versa) is always an option and made possible by the support of our in-house services team and dedicated support professionals.

Microsoft Outlook & Gmail Integration

With both our on-premise and hosted CRM solutions, your users will be empowered to utilize integrations with Microsoft Outlook and Office, as well as Gmail. Access contact databases housed within OnContact CRM from your email, export numerical data into spreadsheets, and much more.

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