Complete Visualization of Your Sales Pipeline

A Comprehensive, Birds-Eye View

Gone are the days of guessing when it comes to sales pipeline management and forecasting. Instead, rely on OnContact CRM’s extensive array of solutions designed specifically for sales managers and their teams. Our sales pipeline CRM equips both you and your staff with complete visibility of your opportunities as they move throughout your sales cycle, dashboards and tracking features to boost sales rep productivity, tools to build accurate and reliable forecasts, and so much more. You can even implement custom workflows to guide reps through every step of the sales process, ensuring there are no missed opportunities and nothing falls through the cracks. With OnContact sales pipeline management software, you’ll always know where the best opportunities lie and you’ll have all the information you need to make smart, data-driven decisions.

Sales pipeline management CRM

Powerful Sales Pipeline CRM


As a sales manager, you need complete visibility into your business’s sales pipeline, as well as the progress being made by your sales reps. Without this, managers are essentially in the dark about what’s happening in their department; they need concrete solutions and resources to help guide their sales forecasting and analysis efforts. Fortunately, OnContact sales pipeline management software is strategically designed for managers who have to keep track of numerous prospects and utilize sales metrics to uncover trends, opportunities, and areas of improvement.


What’s the point of customer relationship management software if it doesn’t give you total visibility into your constantly-changing sales pipeline? OnContact CRM emboldens you to take ownership of your pipeline by giving you a bird-eye view of exactly what’s happening in terms of sales, opportunities and prospect progression. Your sales reps will always understand what stage their prospects are in within the sales cycle, be able to plan and forecast more accurately, and meet sales quotas in a timelier fashion.


Whether you’re looking to find out what stage a prospect is at, review forecasts in real-time, uncover new opportunities, or assist reps with prospecting, you’ll find any and all of the resources you need in our sales pipeline management CRM solution. Knowledge is power, and that’s especially true in sales. By equipping your sales team with all the resources it needs to know the ins and outs of your sales funnel, you’re equipping your business with a stronger prospect for growth.

Build Workflow Paths

OnContact CRM puts the power of workflow building in your hands. Create pre-defined workflow paths designed to improve your sales reps’ efficiencies and ease-of-use by guiding them through the sales cycle from start to finish. With pre-defined workflow paths, your sales reps will always know what their next step is, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing your reps have the tools and automation they need to save time and stay on track. You can also make changes to workflow paths when your forecasts change or when your sales tactics are adjusted.

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Smarter Forecasting & Reports

Forecasting without a sales pipeline management CRM is a nightmare. The only data you have to rely on is through spreadsheets or other isolated reports. There’s no visualization of the sales pipeline, and there’s typically a disconnect between you and your sales reps that can impact forecasting. OnContact’s pipeline management software is designed to help make your job a whole lot easier when it comes to forecasting. We offer a surplus of extensive reporting and analytics tools so your forecasting can be informed, educated, and accurate.

Contact History Tracking

OnContact provides your reps with a detailed contact history overview for each opportunity housed within CRM, including activity history, payment history, customer service history, and more. All of this information is held in a centralized database with powerful search tools, meaning you’re always a few clicks away from finding the contact history information you’re looking for.

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