Sales Cycle Efficiency

There for You From Lead to Order

OnContact sales automation software supports your sales staff throughout the entire sales cycle, from lead generation to cultivating prospects and upselling existing customers. Our powerful solution guides you efficiently through day-to-day actions like scheduling appointments, writing proposals, sending emails and generating quotes.

OnContact CRM Sales Automation Software
OnContact CRM gives you a 360 degree view of your contacts

360° View of Your Relationships

get the most out of each interaction.

Give your sales team a competitive advantage with a complete 360° customer view. OnContact sales automation tools provide a detailed history of marketing, sales, and service efforts, in addition to customer characteristics and preferences, so you can get the most out of each customer interaction.

Managing Your Pipeline

has never been easier.

With OnContact CRM, nothing falls through the cracks. Review forecasts in real time with reports, dashboards and lists, generate quotes, and maintain a quote history for each opportunity.

Guide your reps through a predefined workflow path, manage leads and track source and interest data from start to finish. OnContact manages everything from simple to complex opportunities using lead, source and opportunity management features.

OnContact CRM software makes managing your pipeline easy

Mobile App Included at No Extra Cost

The OnContact CRM mobile app ensures your team is always in touch when on the go. From your smartphone or tablet, OnContact Mobile provides you with quick access to your CRM software data no matter where you are.

CRM outlook gmail integration

Effortless Email Integration

with Outlook and Gmail.

With our powerful Outlook and Gmail integration, tracking email communications has never been easier. All interactions are stored in the database so there is no need to search through your email folders. You can also send an HTML email to a large group using the mass assign function while managing the email responses seamlessly between both applications. Access your CRM address book right from your email, and connect your schedule with bi-directional syncing.

Sales & Management Dashboards

to oversee your sales team.

Our sales and management dashboards give you complete access to data and analytics, including an opportunity funnel, a monthly sales report, key performance indicators and pending activities. With OnContact you can easily view sales results and activity metrics, graphically view and edit your sales pipeline, assign activities and leads and customize your view.

Interactive sales management dashboards are included with OnContact CRM

Unlimited CRM Support & Training

We want you to succeed. That’s why we include unlimited phone, email and chat support in our on-premise and hosted CRM plans. Plus you’ll get access to free online CRM training.

OnContact CRM software includes global search

Powerful Search

conveniently search for anything.

OnContact is loaded with powerful search features that make it easier than ever for your sales team to locate records and access data fast. Use our Quick Search feature to search by single criteria fields, like contact, company or opportunity. Or, use our customizable forms and the advanced filter designer to build your own unique search.

Seamless & Easy to Use

designed for the user experience.

OnContact’s user friendly design makes it a snap to get the information you need. One central screen allows you to view, edit and search for data, while tabs make it easy to navigate between records. Our easy-to-use data entry controls and consistent layouts help improve the speed and accuracy of data entry. Visual cues ensure that important information is captured, and alerts help keep duplicate company or contact information from being added.

OnContact CRM is responsive and easy to use
social crm

Go Social

and turn networks into customers.

With OnContact CRM’s social media integration, you can monitor social conversations, engage with your connections, and check your news feed directly from the CRM application. Start turning your social network into customers!

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