WorkWise, LLC, a leading provider of CRM and ERP software, released OnContact CRM 7.6 with CRM mobile and enhancements to the HTML Document Setup, Merge Document Setup, and workflow.

CRM Mobile
OnContact CRM Mobile is the CRM application for iPhone and Android devices. OnContact CRM 7.6 is designed to work in both connected and disconnected modes, and shares the same database as other OnContact CRM products.

The CRM 7 Mobile solution is built with HTML5 and Javascript for multi-platform support. Like other Oncontact products, it incorporates a modular, customizable design. The standard CRM 7 toolkit may be used to alter data elements and the user interface, so changes can be made before and after initial deployment.

Connection to the CRM 7 server exposes the application to web services that manage the bidirectional transfer of data between the Oncontact database and mobile devices.

Several modules are included in the mobile application to work with CRM data, such as Companies, Contacts, and Opportunities. Data may be assigned to devices for initial load, or at any time afterwards.

Merge Document Setup
Enhancements have been made to Merge Document Setup to simplify the creation and management of merge documents. Setup is now done in a tab based window that offers a wizard style entry of data.
The interface for selecting merge fields has been enhanced. It now includes options to select from a wider range of data sources.

HTML Document Images
HTML document images may now be stored in the CRM database, eliminating the need to store images referenced by email merges on public websites. Images are retrieved by web service calls when emails are opened.

The process of loading HTML documents has been changed to accommodate the option of storing images in the database. When loading an HTML template, you may now extract and import images. An HTML import wizard has been added created to handle this process.

CRM 7.6 introduces Sequence-based workflows, a new method of defining workflow using declarative objects and additional runtime value providers. This represents the first in a series of enhancements to the Workflow designer that will allow for the more business logic to be defined without development of any technical scripts. A toolbox for designers is also being developed to handle common tasks, such as assigning variables, looping, defining conditionals, and creating and updating data.

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