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OnContact CRM provides your sales team with the resources it needs to help grow your business. Our sales force automation software was designed with your sales reps in mind, knowing they need tools to be empowered and automation to work more efficiently. From our customer relationship management solution’s centralized database, to reports and dashboards that let you look at sales pipeline data in real-time, your users will be equipped and ready to develop powerful prospect and customer relationships.

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Sales Force Automation from Prospect to Sale


OnContact’s sales force automation software delivers a complete, 360-degree view of your contacts. Our automation solution provides your business with a centralized database of contacts, their relevant information, conversation and activity history, opportunities, case histories, personal preferences and much more. The data that can be stored, collected, and exported, keeping your sales reps busy analyzing data, building relationships, and growing your business.


Have a need for keeping track of and organizing your sales department’s tasks, meetings, calls, emails, events, and activity records in one centralized space? Then OnContact CRM is the ideal sales force automation solution for you. Our comprehensive activity scheduling functionality delivers simple, easy-to-use scheduling tools to keep your department organized, timely, efficient, and productive. And since it’s all stored in one place and is accessible to others within your team, you’ll never have to worry about anything falling through the cracks.


Customer relationship management software is all about helping save your sales reps time, so they have more opportunities to actually sell and grow your business. With OnContact CRM, your sales reps are able to utilize our Quick Search feature to find relevant information in a breeze, segment searches by more advanced, specific filters, build your own filters with our advanced filter designer, and more. With all of these great features, you’ll always be able to find what you’re searching for.

Pipeline Visibility

Your sales pipeline is always evolving. New prospects are coming into the sales cycle, deals are being closed, and sales reps are juggling multiple prospects and opportunities. OnContact sales force automation software delivers complete visibility into your sales pipeline, so you always know exactly what’s going on in your department. Get a birds-eye look at the state of your sales cycle to understand sales and prospect progression, identify challenge points or new opportunities, and make data-driven decisions from our real-time reports and interactive dashboards.

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Sales Manager Tools

OnContact CRM comes with a hardy selection of sales force automation software features designed specifically with sales managers in mind. We understand managers have countless responsibilities, and having automation tools in place to make their jobs easier is a top priority. Our solution gives managers the ability to check in on the progress of sales reps, drill into the details of their sales pipeline data, set up workflow functions to automate processes, and ultimately take control over the sales process, from lead to order.

Quotation Management

Make quotation generation and management as simple as possible with OnContact’s sales force automation solution. Generate quotes in word or PDF format for easy viewing and sharing, maintain a quote history for each opportunity housed within your sales pipeline, generate an unlimited number of quotes and access them all from one central screen, and so much more.

And don’t forget, OnContact integrates seamlessly with Intuit QuickBooks, ensuring that your primary accounting solution and your CRM software are in sync and accessible at all times.

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